Mettle Consult is a Scandinavian based consulting company with African roots. We understand the market, people, politics, and the intricacies of culture and how these work in combination to determine the success or failure of a project. We help companies and organizations address current and future business problems. We serve clients in areas including, but not limited to, Business Intelligence, Advisory Services, Research, Market Analysis & Entry, Education, Branding, IT, Cyber Securtiy and Procurement. Our work is buttressed by our strong and thoroughly vetted network, merged with a versatile expertise to bridge the gap between Nordic countries and West Africa, while encouraging and facilitating business cooperation in the processes. The Mettle team is committed to high standards in and ethical business practices. We truly believe that successful business cooperation between both regions rests of perfect synergy of industry and country values while remaining steadfast on anti-corruption, compliance, and corporate responsibility.
We pride ourselves with our ability to provide your company with business insights, risk assessment (political, corruption, compliance) and strategic guidance. Our main goals are to help our clients grow their businesses and exceed performance expectations. And as a benefit to the African continent, we aim to bridge the gap between Nordic and African businesses, in the process.
Strategic Analysis & Risk Assessment
Business Intelligence & Branding
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As a continent, Africa presents ample business opportunities; yet, it remains an unchartered territory for many businesses outside the region. We understand that many are unfamiliar with the intricacies of the African cultures and doing business in Africa can be daunting in the face of corruption, political unrest, and obscure procedures and regulations. Nevertheless, we know undoubtedly that it is possible and we want to help companies through smooth operations in business within their interest areas. We are inspired by the many possibilities, high return on investments, and vibrant human capital that Africa embodies and our main goal is to further encourage and accelerate business cooperation between West Africa and Scandinavia.
Business Intelligence
At Mettle Consult, we provide stability and confidence in an otherwise uncertain business environment. We employ a dynamic set of strategies, processes, data, and technologies to support the collection and dissemination of information that is valuable to your business.
Advisory Services
Using our specialized knowledge on Africa in areas such as Finance, Marketing, Imports and Exports, Education, Oil and Gas, and Energy, we provide support and clarity to facilitate optimal business decision-making. Our business is to improve your business with measureable results.
Market Analysis
Each African country is different and as such demands a tailored and independent approach in doing business. At Mettle, we measure the feasibility of each project through in-depth research, conducted locally to enable companies discover their target.

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