At Mettle, we continue to evolve to reflect the ever-changing market need and the resilience of the innovative entrepreneurs and SMEs we work with. We take pride in our ability to find solutions to business problems across countries in Africa and Scandinavia. We understand what it takes to embark on an entrepreneurial journey and to build a successful business. Our services are offered from a unique perspective and rooted in cross-country experiences and best practices. Our expertise, local knowledge, and broad network across African and Nordic industry sectors ensures that your needs are met in an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way.

We explore your company’s market potential in your sector.
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Market Research
We Explore Your Company’s Market Potential  When embarking on a new venture or working to grow an existing one, it is valuable to have a comprehensive understanding of the market conditions. We work with you to perform a thorough diagnosis of your business and its place in the market.
We help you in building step-by-step and long term strategic expansion plans for your business.
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Strategic Planning
We help you in building step-by-step and long term strategic plans to thrive. We work with you to develop a customised strategy and prioritised action plan that is tailored to your business.
We identify reliable entry points and partners.
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Tailored Approach
We Identify Reliable Entry Points and Partners. Each entrepreneur or SMEs and their corresponding market is different.  One size does not fit all.  At Mettle, we combine local knowledge with economic forecasts, business intelligence and market analysis to provide an in-depth analysis of the environment and potential partners best suited for your business.
We understand the local market and more importantly, the people.
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We understand the local market and more importantly, the people.

Often times entering a market in Africa presents a daunting experience. Western companies often worry about corruption and unclear procedures and policies. They are also concerned about multitude of compliance issues. In reality, African businesses worry about the same things. Our research finds that most African companies are skeptical about foreign companies and businesses. We understand that trust goes both ways, and we facilitate this process, while introducing your business to the local market.

We provide your company with an in-depth landscape and risk analysis.
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We Provide Your Company with an In-depth Landscape and Risk Analysis. It is important to note that becoming an entrepreneur or starting your own business requires a long-term view of investment materialization. If you expect a quick return in the bottom-line, it may be best to explore other options. For SMEs in Africa who have successfully attained a product-market fit, expect to see a quick and robust increase in sales and revenues in the short run, and a slower yet steady growth in bottom-line in the long run. Moreover, as an emerging market region, it goes without saying that Africa is exposed to many risks. Nonetheless, these trends are predictable. At Mettle, we provide the tools, strategy, and contingency plan needed to steer through unpredictability while keeping the fundamental goal of your company at the focus.
Workshops & Seminars
We participate in educative presentations, seminars, and conferences.
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Workshops, Seminars & Courses
We participate in hands-on workshops, seminars, and conferences. We are always happy to join insightful presentations, seminars, and conferences that aim to educate interested parties on various aspects of starting a company or growing an already established one both in Africa and Scandinavia, with particular attention paid to navigating business and political risks, competition, discrimination, and the intricate cultures. We engage in a well-balanced and versatile dialogue that encourages cooperation and builds bridges.

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